Zombie skin looks a lot like glue and toilet paper


It’s amazing what Quayln did with some glue and toilet paper. Sure, there’s a lot of work that went into making the color just right, but that started with a textural base that is nothing more that tarring Elmer’s glue on your face, then feathering yourself with hunks of toilet tissue.

When mixed with the adhesive it’s a sloppy mess that can be sculpted to resemble fleshing hanging off the bone. The instructions for the process¬†go on to explain some of the finer points of blending makeup colors with sponge applicators.

Now with your best Zombie face done, can you make it through the day without tearing it off? Back in grade school did you ever let a film of Elmer’s dry on your hand just so you could tear off a dried layer that looked like you were peeling your own skin off? Those were the days. I imaging pulling this thing off would feel ten times better!

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