Aeroscraft looks like a blimp, flies like a submarine

Iaeroscraftt looks like a run-of-the-mill blimp (if there is such a thing). The Dragon Dream is a prototype of a modern blimp. It’s targeted as a military cargo vehicle which made its first test flight just a few months ago.

There is just a bit of technical data on the thing available from its website. They claim that it functions like a submarine. But instead of maneuvering through water using air as ballast it travels through the air using helium as ballast. Pressurized helium tanks can fill bladders, or deflate them by depressurizing the gas. The act of doing so displaces air inside the rigid frame until the thing begins to float. This technique means that no helium is wasted.

It’s capable of lifting 66 tonnes (almost 74 tons). It can transport that load over long distance with about a third of the fuel used by conventional transport. Albeit, this happens at quite a slow pace. If you can get over the overly dramatic music you’ll want to see these trailer videos. One is a hover test with along some rendered in-use animations. The other is a time lapse of the construction process.

[via Reddit]

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