Birdly: A Flapping Rig For Virtual Reality

Thats right, I said a “flapping rig”.

It is a motion rig that places the victim user in a prone position with arms outstretched to simulate the flapping of wings.  The whole platform appears to be rigged for active movement, with the arms accepting motion from the user. The fan blowing is a nice touch as well.

Follow along and get more information on Birdly at their official website.

I have to admit that seeing the two sitting there side by side immediately made me think of the cool motion rig that was featured in the movie Lawnmower man.  You can catch a few glimpses of that in this trailer.

Interestingly, NISSAN has already built a very similar experience to analog using a wingsuit. Theirs appears to be using an unknown HMD instead of the now common Oculus Rift.

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