Looking At The Hololens Prototypes And Insides

First, let me temper your excitement. The pictures I have are all taken from Microsoft’s Hololens video. I don’t have some secret access to prototypes. I wish I did.

If you’re like me though, you wanna stare at some tech guts! Lets jump in.

Microsoft released this promo video showing not only an exploded render of the final hololens, but a whole shelf of prototypes. I’m really starting to get excited about this one. The barrier for most of these kinds of devices right now is the lack of software. Maybe having Microsoft behind it will help that. We’ll see.


Processing board. Obviously a render, unable to identify any chips.


This is the screen on which the actual projections appear (I think).


depth sensors and cameras galore… mostly cameras.


“floating audio”, sounds neat


mmmmm juicy prototypes!


this prototype is shown in another scene being tested in a lab that looks incredibly fake. Who uses an industrial robot arm to move this kind of thing around?


Are those inward facing cameras? Does the hololens track your eyes?


man I love prototypes

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