Kids playing with fire: repairing an antique steam engine toy

This toy has been in a family closet for as long as I can remember. My father played with it when he was young and has managed to keep it ever since. I’ve seen this thing off and on my entire life, but never tried to make work. Finally, the time has come to get this thing operational!

It is a Linemar steam engine toy made in the 1950s. You have a basic steam engine, a distributor, and 5 accessories to be run from it. Everything appears to be in working order aside from a couple small leaks in the pressure chamber. A quick dab of JB weld should solve that.

As you can see, everything appears to be in fantastic condition. See the string on the distributor? That’s the original string my dad used as a kid. I didn’t take it off.


After letting the JB weld dry, I filled the tank with some water and lit a fire underneath it. Within about 10 minutes, it was steaming away. I kept the string from when my dad was a kid on the distributor and it worked fine!


follow up video with my dad!

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