Knolling Therapy: Knock-Em Out Boxing, 1979

I am not a very organized person. I wing 99% of what I do and my workshop is a horrid mess nearly all the time. However, I found these pictures of knolling, or laying out stuff in a very rigid order, to be very pleasing. I thought it might be fun to try it. However, what I really enjoyed was the temporary nature of knolling. We all know that these are temporary statements, but that isn’t typically captured in the art. When you share a photo of knolled stuff, it ends there. I wanted to share the temporary nature of it and frankly, I found this very therapeutic.

I hope someone out there enjoys this like I did. I’d welcome any thoughts on how to make the videos more amusing, I think I could enjoy making even more of these.

I actually filmed an entire 2nd angle but as I was editing this, I thought the top down view really fit the best and decided not to even include the other angle. The bit in the middle feels a bit weird though. What do I do once something is knolled? closeups? panning shots? dunno, still exploring.

Here’s the final image with a few tiny adjustments to compensate for camera lens distortion. I have a bigger one available if you’d like a copy, just let me know.



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