Megaman Sticky-Pixel Thermos

DSC02414 (Medium)

Here’s a fun little project I uncovered recently. I made this thermos art some time back and I don’t think I ever shared the process.

First, I got some adhesive paper that works in an inkjet printer. The brand was papilio.

Then, I printed some big blocks of the right color. About 1/5th of the page for each color I would need. The sheets were then fed through my vinyl cutter to make perfect 1/4 inch “pixels”. If you wanted to do this on your own, you could print grid lines and just cut with scissors.

DSC02418 (Medium)


I found some sprites of Megaman online and got to work!

DSC02417 (Medium)

As you can see in this picture, part of the foot rubbed off. To prevent this from happening I put a layer of packing tape over it. Unfortunately when the adhesive paper is in such tiny sizes the glue just doesn’t hold it very well.

DSC02416 (Medium)

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