Papercraft Millenium Falcon From Scratch: It Is Finished!

I have decided that this little bugger is DONE. I could probably go on forever, adding tiny details but I might go insane. It might also drive my family insane! Over all, I really had fun going from scratch. There were no plans, I just eyeballed things and cut. It felt great to get done and see something that actually resembled the Millenium Falcon. I realize that some of my proportions are a bit goofy, but hey, this is my first try!


This last section really was fun. it went from looking really hokey and stupid to pretty cool in my opinion. I know my lines aren’t all perfect and I most likely got a bunch of details wrong, but it looks pretty cool on my workbench.

Things were going pretty smoothly except that damn cockpit. I built it then stood back and looked at it and felt like it really just wasn’t even passable enough to move on.



If you want to see the previous updates, all the way back to day one, see below.

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