Retro Scifi Scans: Green flying Cars, Bubble Helmets, and Vicious Brontosaurs

Its been a while since I’ve dug out some good old sci fi books to look at the illustrations. I figured it might be fun to give this another try as a video.

This bundle looked to be fairly cheap double features from the early sixties. I figured that they wouldn’t have many illustrations inside, if any, so I thought I’d show off a few covers instead of just focusing on one.

001 (Small)

This one is my favorite by far. I love everything about this one, from the rocket to the massive terrifying green lady, to the goofy helmet of the hero.

002 (Small)

note that this flying car has tires. Plain ol’ tires.

003 (Small)

fantastic bubble helmets!

004 (Small)

Love the styling on those suits. Those bare hands aren’t going to do well in space though!

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