The Oculus Rift is a winner at CES


The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset. HEY! I saw your eyes gloss over. Listen, this is freaking awesome. Yes virtual reality has been a literal joke since the 90s, but the rift is set to kick that joke in the ass.  I won’t get into all the hardware and psychological reasons why it is so much better, but just think of it this way: You know all those advances we’ve made in gaming since the 90s? Advances in power of the processor, advances in GPU capabilities, advances in visual game construction, advances in artistic performances? Well, VR didn’t make any of those advancements. Anything you could get your hands on was old crap from the 90s duct taped to modern things.  The Oculus has finally made some advances, and it is just an infant in terms of development.

This isn’t a commercial for the Oculus. Just go read about the damn thing if you don’t know already.  However, if you’re still skeptical, you should watch what has come out of this years CES when people get to try out the Oculus.

the Cnet review

IGN’s hands on video.

Tech Crunch’s Review.
As you can see, everyone is pretty damn impressed. I can not wait to play with this thing. Do I think it will be in every living room? No. Do I think it will actually make a decent impact on the gaming market? Yes.

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