Using Blender For 3D Modeling Is like Being Punched In The Face, But Its Totally Worth It



I’ve known of blender, and had blender installed on my computers for years. However, I’ve never actually used blender.¬† This is because using it is like being punched in the face… repeatedly.

That isn’t to say that I haven’t done 3D modeling. I have a strong background in 3DS Max, years of it actually. That’s the package I taught back in 1999-2002. I’ve used sketchup, openSCAD, lightwave, muddled in maya, and countless other programs. Blender has remained elusive though, because every time I tried to hop in, I got immediately so frustrated that I thought it would be quicker to hunt down a different package than to learn how to use it.

The blender interface is the most un-intuitive creation i’ve ever seen. I’d be willing to say that they’ve got Z-Brush beat, and if you’ve climbed that mountain, you’ll know that’s a big statement. This isn’t just an issue of poorly placed buttons or obnoxious names, even the mouse clicks don’t do what you’d expect.

There are countless excuses for this, ranging from eliteism:

I figured it out, you just gotta give it time. Besides, if you can’t figure it out, you don’t need to be using it.

…to history:

well its based on an old unix system, so that’s where all those controls came from

But the cold hard fact is, it is un intuitive to beginners and experienced modelers alike. If you want a bigger user base (you do, don’t argue shithead hypothetical internet person), you gotta fix this crap. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking by

I’m going to figure this crap out

That being said, I decided to knuckle down and get my lazy ass over this learning curve. I’m a good guy and genuinely feel bad for using pirated software like 3DS Max. I’ve been weening myself off these tools for years now, all the while blender has been gaining features that sound incredible. Its time to get un-lazy and use this damn tool.

God I love youtube

The only way I’ve been able to get anything done in blender is due to the absolute massive pile of youtube tutorials. Seriously, there are SO MANY and it is wonderful. I mean, the interface is so horrid that I’m hunting for youtube tutorials for even simple things like “how the hell do I rotate a fucking polygon over a single axis?”, but I’ll get it thanks to some 12 year old who is apparently much smarter than me and uploaded a tutorial.


Blender could be my new favorite tool/toy for organic 3D

Just scratching the surface, cussing constantly because simple things like selecting items aren’t congruent with every other software program out there (right click selects… ugh), I’m getting a sense of the power here. There are a LOT of features here that seem to be very powerful. The sculpting is incredible and will likely cause me to completely stop messing with sculptris.

And the best part is, when I sit back and look at my model, I know that I’ve done it without stealing software. Yay me, I’m not a jerkface for a moment.

For more CAD like uses, I’m really enjoying Autodesk Fusion 3D, which is free for hobbyists.

Playing in Blender


As usual, every new software package or material gets christened with a cephelopod. Here’s a low poly octopus I modeled. I’ve done a test 3d print¬† and uploaded it to thingiverse and Youmagine as well.



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